Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I get lost. A lot.

I get lost. A lot. Not when driving or walking, but in the worldwide web. One simple Google Image search of a cookie and I'm gone. Did you see that? A cookie screen print that was done with 10 screens! Oh no, somehow I'm now on www.etsy.com. Really? Someone makes things that turn card tables into awesome tents? Well now I have to see what other kinds of tents there are..... and so the next hour of my life goes. NOT GOOD for me, the A.D.C. (Attention Deficit Crafter).

So here are some things that I think are amazing, inspiring, or fun to look at:

• I spent about 40 minutes trying to find where I can buy this print:

• Card Table Tents --- So much cooler than they sound!

• I'm helping a friend do paper flowers for her wedding. I stumbled upon this site and now I'm screwed. I HAVE to try making these! We had it all planned out --- knew exactly what flowers we were making and we had the paper cut. But now.......
I'll post pictures of how they turn out. This is one craft with a deadline so I know I'll complete it!

So I'm adding the last item to my "Do This" list. And keeping with my original idea of things to do on my blog, here we go:
Daily Dylan: "Gotta Travel On" - Not an original, but my absolute favorite song from his Self Portrait album. http://iLike.com/s/2tw5
Don't Bitch:  I'm going to paraphrase a quote from Abraham Zimmerman on this one (which I hope to incorporate into an art print someday) "Don't worry about the things you don't have. Be thankful for the things you don't have that you don't want".
Do This: Paper flowers!

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