Saturday, November 20, 2010


The Mason Jar soap dispenser is being put on hold until I can find the perfect jar. I should rephrase that... until I find a jar that doesn't cost $17 with a lid. I'm drawn to the vintage blue jars, but they're harder to find with lids at a decent price.

I moved on to other projects. It must be the cool weather and early sunsets (seriously, why is it dark by 4p.m.?) that make me want to craft, craft, craft! In the past 2 weeks I've made the following:

• A Glitter Holiday House - Pictures will NOT be posted. It wasn't horrible, but my husband did point out that it looked like something a child would make. Icing on the cake is that I tried to make it look like my parents' house to give them for Christmas. It's cute to give your mom and dad a gloppy painted glittery house when you're 7, not 27. Craft FAIL.

• A Chicago mug. Painted at Glazed Expressions using a Groupon. I love painting ceramics there. I'm not good at waiting the 7 days to see the final product, though. My favorite parts of the mug are the 4 star flag on the handle and the distinct red CNA building.

• My favorite show as a child was Pee Wee's Playhouse. I'll save my reasons for another post. For now, here's an image of the Shrinky Dink magnets I made. Our toaster oven is now officially named the "Dink Shrinker".  These were done using Shrinky Dink for Inkjet sheets. Surprisingly, a lot of Photoshop was needed to get these just right. Good thing I've got skillz.

• The first 2 prints for my Etsy shop...

• Then I decided last night at 9 o'clock I wanted to do this while we watched TV....

Thanks again to How About Orange for posting a tutorial on something I just could not live without trying.

And here are my results...

I've done Gel Medium transfers before but this was my first foray into fabric transfer. Fun! Definitely a learning experience. I plan on doing many, many more fabric transfers as the week goes on. It's messy.  I'm sure my husband is thrilled that this is my new thing. Stay tuned!

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