Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Does anyone else use the word "sketchy" to describe things? It seems like at least once a week I'm either driving through a "sketchy" neighborhood, dealing with "sketchy people (usually on the L train), or finding myself in a "sketchy" situation. Maybe that's because I seem to get myself in the weirdest situations. Life is never boring.

This time the "Sketchy" situation I've gotten myself into is a good one. A few months ago I signed up for The Sketchbook Project. I was so excited when my li'l sketchbook arrived. Blank pages just waiting to be filled. I chose the theme Coffee & Cigarettes. Two of my favorite things. One of the two I actually consume. The other... well, I just really wish they'd make a cigarette that didn't stink and was good for you. Maybe in 2015 when we all get our Hoverboards.

My only problem with this Sketchbook Project has been my fear of commitment. I put off starting the book for a long time because I didn't know exactly how I wanted to fill it. Instead I sketched on scrapbook paper, canvas, sticky notes --- anything but the actual sketchbook. Then I decided to stop worrying about it and I pasted all of those sketches right into the book. These are the first few pages. My fear of commitment has kept me from finalizing the first page. The skyline is glued in, but I know I'm going to change my "Greetings From Chicago, Ill." And now I'm off to buy this!

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  1. I use the term "sketchy" all of the time! Ha!

    Your sketches are amazing! I love, love, love them - especially the french press!