Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love craft stores and expensive coffee.

While counting down the hours until I can get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of work and start my long New Year's weekend, I decided to research felt tutorials. I received a variety of Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Starbucks gift cards for my birthday. Something about me must scream "I LOVE OVERPRICED COFFEE AND CRAFT STORES!", and I want you all to know I'm COMPLETELY okay with that.

The craft store cards are burning a hole in my pocket! Luckily, I found this tutorial, and will be using those gift cards to buy felt this weekend. My friend Sarah will be all over this tutorial as well. Currently she uses a piece of paper and a magnet to label the state of the dishes in the dishwasher. Comments have been made wondering why she's calling her appliances mean names, and on more than one occasion I've been attempted to write the word "slut" below "dirty" (because that's just how my mind works).

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Here's hoping I'm better with my blogging in 2011!

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