Saturday, January 22, 2011

Super Awesome, Totally Fabulous Handmade Gift Exchange Gifts

I spend the 3rd Thursday of every month with some amazingly creative ladies. Ladies' Craft Night (LCN) started over a year ago. We take turns hosting Craft Nights at our homes (or in most cases, apartments). The lady who hosts also chooses the project. She provides craft materials and wine, but most importantly, makes sure there's a spread of foods that contain cheese. 

This past Thursday night we decorated cover stock then bound our own notebooks.

In November we do a Holiday Craft Night. In 2008 we made homemade gift tags. In 2009 we made glitter houses. We always skip December since Christmas is a hectic time for everyone. We decided this year to do a Handmade Gift Exchange. We drew names and agreed to exchange gifts in January. The rules were simple: gifts must be handmade, fit in a box smaller than 12" x 12" (some people need parameters), and the most important rule... you can't spend lots of money on materials. We all tried to use existing materials. The gifts were each heartfelt and wonderful. Everyone has their own personal style. We've all crafted together long enough to know what the other ladies in the group love. 

The first picture shows some of the gifts we exchanged.
• Star Wars Lightbox- Made out of picture frames and clothespins. View the tutorial here. When the light is turned on the lightsaber emits a glorious glow.
• "S" Ornament-  The gift I received from my dear friend TFMG. Yes, that's a perfectly glittered "S". It's extra-special to me because the polka dot ribbon is leftover from my wedding! She helped me with a ridiculous amount of wedding projects and her craft stash is filled with leftover wedding stationery, ribbon and stamps. 
• Felt State Ornaments- I made these for my dear friend Angie. I was inspired by this. She's lived in 3 very different states and I know each city/state holds a special place in her heart. These were so fun to make, I'll be sure to make more! 

The Christmas VILLAGE- TFMG received an entire mini glitter Christmas village. The church has stained glass windows and the schoolhouse even has a swing! The bottoms were cut out and the set came with flicker candles. We all made (much messier) versions of these for our November '09 glitter house craft. Martha would be proud.

I wrapped the felt state ornaments in a handmade envelope. Materials included upholstery fabric, felt buttons, heavy-duty fabric glue and embroidery floss. I'll post a tutorial in the next few weeks. A quick and super easy gift wrap alternative.

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