Thursday, March 10, 2011

Felt Up

There's a blog post that I've had on the back burner for awhile about list-making. Somewhere in the top 3 of my "Seriously, You Need To Be On Top Of This" list is my goal of taking better pictures. We now have a camera that does all sorts of fancy things. I plan on figuring out how to use it for some really great shots of inanimate objects. My disclaimer for the following pictures is: a) they were taken with the old camera and b) I should have spent much more time setting up the shots.

As you might remember, I promised recent LCN pictures. In February we made felt coffee sleeves along with iPhone and glasses cases. I love the range of crafts you can make with felt.
TFMG Working On Her iPhone Case
Angie Working On Her Coffee Cozy
Lisa M's Reading Glasses Case

Gaby's Coffee Sleeve
TFMG's Finished iPhone Case
Angie's Finished Coffee Cozy (photo texted to me of Cozy in-use)
Ann's "Reversible" Cozy (felt rosette pin makes Cozy adjustable)

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