Thursday, March 31, 2011

Open For Business!

My Etsy store is open! I've already sold some prints and next week Meghan (from The Perfect Compilation Tape) will be hosting a giveaway of one of my felt "My Heart Belongs" magnets.

Here's a peek at some of the most popular prints in my virtual store:

Next on the to-do list? Work on my branding. I need my blog design, Etsy store, and personal branding to all work cohesively. It's so much easier when I'm doing it for someone else!


  1. I personally love the french press print. I take a Bodum french press with me every time I backpack- no matter the amount of miles. I must have my fresh pressed coffee even when I am dirty, camping, sore, and in the middle of no where.

    Very nice!

  2. Thanks, Tracy! I love coffee in general, french pressed or otherwise!