Friday, June 3, 2011

I make stuff.

I spent last Saturday making lots and lots of fabric flowers (and a necklace or two).

I followed something similar to this tutorial to make the flower below
Or watch the video tutorial here!

Jo-Ann Fabrics had these amazing beads on clearance! 
They called to me from the store shelf, "We'll be adorable as a necklace. We promise!" 
They were right.

I love Anthropologie jewelry hack tutorials!
I followed this one to make the necklace you see below...

Circles of netting, folded, pinched, sewn. Cute, right?

Followed the basics of this tutorial to make the little cutie you see below...
It's so simple! Chiffon, scissors, lighter, glue!

The result of a running stitch pulled tight on a long scrap piece of chiffon =
my friend Laura's way of adding flair to shoes she has to wear as a bridesmaid.

Other Flowers I Want To Try... 

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  1. I love the shoe flair! Adorable!

    Thanks again for the beautiful creations!