Thursday, July 14, 2011

Etsy Orders & Closeout Craziness

I've sold 2 custom "My Heart Belongs" magnets in the last month. I learned that photographing felt magnets on the dashboard of my car in the evening sun (just before I drop the magnet in the mail to the Etsy customer) works really well with my camera. Both of these magnets have been ordered as going away gifts for someone that was moving to a different state. I love the thought of my handmade li'l magnet being a reminder on someone's refrigerator of a time and place they loved.

Philly Love
Iowa Love
On a sad note... Paper Boy on Belmont in Chicago is closing. It's a stationery/gift shop that's been around for nearly two decades. I'm sad to see the place go out of business, but I must say I've taken full advantage of the 75% sale! Look at all the stuff I got for under $50!!! I didn't even photograph the 80 sheets of Stardream paper I bought, either. Hit them up this weekend if you live in Chi!

A few of my fave deals:
Voodoo Doll Stationery, California Raisin Valentines, Camera & Matryoshka Doll Wrapping Paper,
100 or so assorted envelopes (that normally retail for 35¢ each), and tons of Greeting Cards!!!
Paper Boy, you will be missed!


  1. Girl, I love the magnets! Our IL one proudly holds my brother's save-the-date card!

  2. Oh my goodness, your magnets are adorable! I have to check out your store!