Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mad Libs

I've been busy designing a wedding invite set for a friend.
She's far from a bridezilla, so I've been able to talk her into doing some fun stuff with the set. 
They agreed to do Mad Libs RSVP cards. Here's the final art...
I can't wait to hear about the responses they receive! I'm sure many will be hilarious.

I used Google Images to get some ideas for the cards, then I tweaked the sentences so people could get creative with their responses.



  1. These are AMAZING! I seriously want to get married all over again JUST FOR THIS!

  2. I am not creative, not planning a wedding (hell, i eloped after a 6 day engagement and that was almost 7 years ago), and am aesthetically unpleasing in most things....

    but I <3 your design. Holy awesomeness, Craft Woman.

  3. Where would you get something like this printed?

  4. I design and print these. Message me for pricing if you're interested! GrassGreenDesign (at) g mail.com