Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top 5 Places On My Travel Wish List

I'm taking a break from craft bloggin' today to link up with Meghan at The Perfect Compilation Tape. Remember Meghan? Her blog looks awesome for a reason.

I LOVE to travel! Tropical All-Inclusives, Road Trips, Historical Tours. Basically, if they've talked about it on the Travel Channel, "I want to go to there". This list could go on forever, but I'm going to keep it within the continental U.S.

1. Austin - We've done Nashville and Memphis. We live in the home of The Blues. Austin is the next logical step on our tour of "Music Cities".

 2. Oregon - Mainly Astoria since The Goonies was filmed there. The trip would be incomplete without a stop at Voodoo Donuts. On second thought... I'd love to see all of the Pacific NW!

3. California - The entire state. From San Diego to San Francisco, the Hollywood sign to the Redwood Forest... that state was made for you and me me to see.

4. Grand Canyon - You would think with the numerous times I've been to AZ that I'd have seen the Grand Canyon, but it's never happened. It's high on my list of things to see.

5. The Florida Keys - My cousin lives there and has offered to show us around numerous times. Why haven't we gone there yet?!


  1. I've heard Key West is positively AMAZING! I think that's Mike's next pick...that, or Vegas. He cannot get enough of the Vegas!

  2. We have a lot of places-to-go-to-there in common...though I already win on one of them -

    I've been to Chicago twice (LOVE IT!) but I live the ATX. Come on down sometime and have some bbq an some indie music.

    Also, I love the Pacific NW and would lovvvvvve to visit anything Goonies related! This makes us more mature and better people than those who go to WA state for Twilight related things, right?

    And I am currently trying to convince the hubs that Key West has something to offer. He remains stubborn.

  3. Beth-
    Just find ONE thing you think he'd like in Key West and get him really convinced that you HAVE to go there for that :) I didn't even think about bbq in ATX. Yet ANOTHER reason to go!

    Don't do Vegas again... it will always be there. Talk Mike into going places new and different! That pitch alone should win you a Key West trip :)