Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric Wrapped Bangles

A Quick and Easy Bracelet

You'll Need:
• A bangle bracelet you want to cover
Take into account the fabric will make the bangle fit a bit more snug than before.
• Torn fabric strips
1-2" wide, 20+" long.  You can use more than one strip. I used two 12" strips.
•Glue Gun

How To:
Glue one end of fabric strap inside bangle.
Hold until dried or use a clothespin to hold fabric to bangle until  fully adhered.
Begin wrapping fabric around bangle, overlapping so none of the bangle is showing.
When you've covered entire bangle, cut off excess fabric if there is any.
{The edges will fray a bit, depending on what fabric you use. This just adds character.}
Glue end to inside of bangle same as when you started.

In use.

It's so easy to do! I pick up bangles at DOTS stores and thrift stores.
These bracelets are a great way to make a matching accessory to any outfit.

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