Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodbye hot dogs & pizza, hello popcorn!

We will be moving to Indiana at the end of December. It is with equally great sadness and excitement that we're leaving our adorable apartment (that happens to be in the best neighborhood in the greatest city in the world) to move into a beautiful home with a yard, garage, and washer & dryer (all things I've missed tremendously since moving to Chicago years ago). Not only does the house feature a kitchen that measures nearly 4 times the size of our current kitchen, it also has enough room for me to have my very own office/studio space!!!

My mind is constantly buzzing with wall color ideas and decor daydreams. My first major purchase has been a 1950's gold-topped chrome kitchen table. Now the hunt is on for mismatched kitchen chairs to complete the dining area.

So if I'm absent from the blogworld for awhile, it's due to my packing up nearly 6 years of Chicago-living, and my stupid idea to exhibit at a Craft Bazar on Dec. 10th, and my desire to paint every single room in the new house before we move in..... Bear with me. There will be many great posts about DIY home decor and before-and-after pics as we go along.

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  1. Yes, before and after pictures PLEASE! -julie