Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Small Business Saturday and The Importance Of Buying Handmade

I read this article yesterday, about shopping locally the day after Black Friday.

One part of the article struck a chord with me... 
Help your community. As U.S. News reported, local businesses reinvest in the local economy 60 percent more than larger chains and retailers. And then there's the power of three: "By supporting a local clothing boutique, a consumer is also supporting a local attorney, tax preparer, and printer," wrote Rachel Koning Beals.

That got me thinking...
I design my prints at home, in Chicago. I then send my art to be printed by a small business a few miles away. I've come to know the men printing my art quite well in the last few years. I stop in 2 to 3 times a week to pick up art, we chat, and they always take a second to look over the print before handing it to me. This ensures quality product. By real people. People working every day to make a living just like you. People who then go on to buy their inks and paper from a Chicago-based company.
And the cycle continues.

 I buy all of my packaging supplies from Etsy sellers. Rigid mailers and poly sleeves may cost less on Amazon, but we Etsians (should I trademark that?) gotta stick together! Once I've enclosed a note and packed the print, I walk 2 blocks to my local Post Office and mail it off. We all know the USPS can take all of the help it can get, right?

The best part about buying on Etsy or from a local handmade artisan?
You're able to give one-of-a-kind, unique, personal, thoughtful gifts
in a world where a gift card can now just be emailed
instead of presented in all of its plastic, mass-produced glory.

Shop Handmade. Shop Local. Support Small Businesses.
Keep This Scenery In Small Towns And Cities Across America.

Yellow Springs, OH

Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL

Downtown Valparaiso, IN

Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL

Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL

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