Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Five Part Fond Farewell

While others are busy making 12-days-of-Christmas-inspired lists... I'm reflecting. Not a day has gone by in the last week where I haven't shed a tear upon thinking about the impending move to "the country". To easily sum up the last 5+ years in Chicago, I could easily just say friendships, food and fun.

But there's so much more. As a designer, there is inspiration around EVERY corner in the city. From bus stop signs to one-of-a-kind shops, I draw inspiration for future designs from these places daily. I will miss the overload of art. I will miss graffiti. I will miss advertisements on every square inch of available city space... I can waste minutes staring at a logo, deciding if it was created in Illustrator or Photoshop. Or maybe someone hand-lettered it?

I'll miss: Sushi. Thai food. Improv. An old school video store 2 blocks away that until 1 year ago still sold/rented VHS tapes for $1. Cuban food. Public transportation. ( <-- No joke. Where we're moving, they don't even have cabs.) Taxi cabs. The Puptown dog beach. Coffee shops every 20 feet. Craft fairs weekly. Amazing architecture. Old neon signs. Paper Source. JoAnn Fabrics. Radiator heat. The Brew and View. No less than 3 frozen yogurt and gelatto shops within walking distance. Blackhawks games. The list goes on.

More to come in the next 2 weeks. The next installment? An equally long list of things I WON'T miss! Haha. It is a fond farewell, after all.


  1. Umm did you forget V has a bus sysytem?!? The "V-Line" :) Julie S.

  2. Haha! You're right, Julie! Although... it won't drop us off at our front door : )

  3. There's a Joann's and Hobby lobby in Michigan City...Right next to each other!! ( I frequent it more than I should..haha)

  4. I forgot ALL about Hobby Lobby! The M'ville store is probably going to be closer for me... but it's so close to the JoAnn there. That made my day!

  5. I keep asking my suburban friends if they order through Grub Hub. Or if there is Thai readily available. They think I'm nuts:)