Monday, January 9, 2012

Things Are Coming Together!

The house is 60% unpacked. The kitchen is the only room left to paint. By February 1st,  I might actually know where things are in my office!
Some pics of what's going on in the new casa:

How great is this lamp my Mom-In-Law got me for my office?
As much as she'd like me to like pink, she knows I like green and she runs with it!

Our new Bleu Passe living room. My mom spent all day painting it.
Because she's awesome.
The My Color Keeper™ Fan Book. This thing is awesome. Can't wait to take it out with us when we go to buy a sectional for the living room, and decor for the kitchen and bedroom!

One thing that's come together quite nicely is the coffee/tea station. I again handed painting duties over to my mom. The little drawer set is so cute (another amazing Craigslist find)! It goes without saying that no coffee station is complete without a Pee-wee Herman Bobblehead, a Conky wind-up toy, and a Brandon Walsh doll (which happens to come complete with a pair of shorts for "beach wear").

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