Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Returned To The Blogosphere

I'm back! But only for a short while. In the past month I've taken on one of the biggest projects of my career (more on that in about a month), a 1st birthday invitation/decoration design project, a business collateral project, and a co-ed baby shower project. All while getting my Etsy orders out the door. Oh yeah... and all while trying to unpack my office. That will have to wait. More ideas than time.

One other home project has turned into a time-suck as well. Wallpaper removal. I vow to NEVER, NEVER, EVER put wallpaper up in this house. I had the genius idea that I should just start peeling away the other day. Little did I know that under the 2 layers of wallpaper I was aware of, there were 2 or 3 more layers. Sigh. It's been a bit of a chore and more drywall came off in the process than I care to admit.
Seemed easy enough when I started.

 It took 3 people to get it to this stage.
Soon the walls will be this beautiful color. (Prologue by Pratt & Lambert)

And all of my pretty and bright kitchen colors will finally come together!

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