Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 Before 30: An Update

I posted a week ago about my 30 Before 30 List. Here's an update...

1. Complete 30 crafts including, but not limited to, the crafts I've pinned HERE - On my way to 30 of them! I've been doing some really fun crafts lately. I think I'll have to make a separate post detailing my 30 crafts :)
2. Organize my office / assign everything a place (read: know where my scissors and tape measure are at all times)
3. Organize my closets / throw out things I haven't worn in 2 years
4. Take a watercolor or oil painting class - SIGNED UP!  I start watercolor classes in August.
5. Use my Yudu to screen print something really large
6. Dye a portion (or all) of my hair a ridiculous color
7. Pierce my face. Nose maybe?
8. Make the front of the house look like a home
9. Keep better records of my taxes and mileage / work more efficiently - Working on it. Definitely getting better.
11. Fully decorate the kitchen / get all pictures framed and hung
12. Finish decorating the bedroom
13. Paint the hallway
14. Set up a functional work station in the basement for messy crafts
15. Go camping
16. Do something great when I reach my 500th Etsy sale (maybe a big giveaway?)
17. Approach at least 3 new boutiques about carrying my greeting cards and artwork - 2 approached, 1 to go
18. Strip / paint / finish vintage Hoosier Cabinet (red with white drawers, maybe?)
19. Begin selling wedding invitation sets in my Etsy shop
20. Learn to correctly make sliding knot jewelry (this is seriously difficult for me!)
21. Condense my craft supplies / donate the unused items here
22. Do something awesome with my all of my Instagram photos
23. Begin a collage journal or Picture-A-Day scrapbook
24. Start a 2nd e-commerce site to sell my prints (Big Cartel, maybe?)
25. Attempt to sew something (anything! I haven't sewn in about a decade)
26. Get the ball rolling on bringing LCN to NWI. I've got lots of ladies in Ind. that want to craft on a monthly basis! - The invite has been sent. Looks like the NWI chapter of LCN will take place one Thursday night of every month.
27. Make postcards to hand out and hang up at coffee shops that really push my business of making these 
28. Finish some half-filled books of our wedding photos (we've been married nearly 3 years!)
29. Overhaul the blog design
30. Plan a totally awesome theme party for my 30th --- Saved By The Bell, maybe?! - It's in the works. 90's TV Party or 90's Pop Icon Party. I am begging my husband and his best friend to dress as Larry and Balki from Perfect Strangers. I also want my friend Sarah to don a blonde wig, be Stephanie Tanner, and go around saying "how rude" all night. 

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