Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange - What I Made

I figured anyone who feels crafty enough to enter a Handmade Gift Exchange is probably someone who may need a pin cushion from time to time. I had seen this tutorial on Pinterest and decided to give it a try for my recipient. I ended up making a ton more to give as gifts (and to keep for myself). It was a great way to use up fabric scraps in the process!

Doodle Craft's tutorial is really detailed. Follow that for complete instructions. Here's the rundown of how I made mine:

1. Cut round cork then hot glue to top of lid.
2. Cut and stack batting on top of glued cork.

3. Cover with fabric and wrap to backside.
Hot glue overage to bottom of lid.

4. Hot glue into lid ring then finish off by hot gluing scrap of fabric or round cork piece.

5. Ta-da! 

6. Screw on top of Ball jars. (This shows a few I did with cork on the underside.)

This is what I sent my Handmade Gift Exchange buddy...

I hope she likes them!

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