Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do You Dabble? By far one of the best websites a crafty Chicagoan (like me!) can use to fuel their desire to know a little bit about every kind of art form there is. I feel like I'm constantly telling everyone I know about different Dabble classes that I want to take. Then I beg them to join me!

I miss living down the street from Lill Street. I took some really great classes there. But, it was very hard for me to commit to 5 and 10 week classes, since my schedule is all over the place. That's where Dabble comes in. ONE DAY CLASSES! And affordable ones, at that!

Recently I joined some friends at One Strange Bird for a Dabble Embroidery Class (awesome side note: night classes are BYOB). I have tried teaching myself embroidery before through YouTube videos and online tutorials. The result? Knots and knots of embroidery thread. And more knots.

We learned how to do a few of the most popular stitches. And you know what? No knots! I had a great time and came away from the class feeling like I could definitely make something at home on my own.

Trying different stitches on the letter "L".
I only took one picture the entire night since I was busy with a needle and embroidery floss! 

I'd like to use my new skillz (yes, with a Z) to make something similar to this:
Image Credit and Etsy Store: Danielle at MerriWeatherCouncil

I recently purchased this Oval Pendant Frame Mounting  from Kailea on Etsy

Image Credit: Kailea via Etsy

Now I just have to decide what to embroider.
Maybe I will go all out with my first try and do this?!

Image and Tutorial Credit:

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  1. :) You can do it! Embroidery is such a fun hobby!