Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Paper Craftin'

And "mating season" has come to a close! Phew. Happy for that to be over. As amazing as the wedding was, I have decided that I am not an event planner. The artist in me cannot be silenced even when I try -- I focus too much energy on making things pretty when I should be focusing on other things (like dancing with my husband at the wedding of his best friend!)

The pictures are still in the works, and I was too busy to snap pics as the decorations were all set up. So for now,  I'm just going to give a quick rundown of some DIYs we did to make this wedding beautiful.

Disclaimer : I stole a bunch of these photos from Instagram.
Thanks to everyone that hashtagged the wedding! #jamieandnoahgethitched

Origami flower bouquets (with Billy Buttons added):
Gorgeous bridesmaids waiting to be announced. Rockin' their handmade bouquets.

The happy new Mr. & Mrs.!

Now check out the guys' paper boutonnières ....
Using Martha's scoring board to make the flowers. 
Finished and waiting for the pinbacks to be added.

The guys waiting around for the wedding to start - only one is enthused about his paper boutonnière

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  1. Ok, I love everything about this wedding! :) The dresses, the flowers - everything! :)