Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello, Local Goods Chicago!

I'm so happy to get to sell my art at Local Goods! The shop has a great thing goin'. Lots of art classes, First Friday events, delicious coffee, the list goes on... 

This was my first attempt at the pool noodle fabric-wrapped wreath. Pretty cool, huh?!

Note: Here's something I learned from my first pool noodle wreath attempt...
Double up your fabric so you can't see the orange of the pool noodle peeking through.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this a few weeks back. I tried several different money-saving DIY wreath forms. This was the only one that really worked. A Pinterest WIN for once!

I'm officially all moved in to my booth at Local Goods Chicago!
Follow along as I show the progression of my booth display in photos...

New Artisan? That's me!

Starting with a blank 4'x4' booth.

All done! All it took was an Ikea trip, a thrift store shelving unit covered in contact paper (more on that later), and some leftover wedding bunting. Now I just need to get some larger prints framed to hang on the wall behind the shelf and it'll be perfect.

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